HOW TO: Report an error or bug to the Support Team ?

Check the Knowledge Base

Before submitting a new ticket, always remember of course to check the Knowledge Base first. There's a lot of information available there and you will most probably find an answer to your question or issue directly there. It is not because submitting a ticket is easy that you must submit one each time you have a question ;-)


Contact your reseller or integrator

Some issues are related to a setup issue. While we have a lot of experience with setup, we can not replace an integrator who knows your configuration and can know where the issue comes from. Remember that if you see the playout or the ingest software having issues, the problem usually comes from a different part: the storage has issues, the video card, your CPU is too busy, etc...


Submit a support ticket 

Once you have checked the Knowledge Base (KB), checked that it was not a setup issue, or any other problem, you will need to submit a ticket on the support desk.


Using the "Contact Softron Support" menu

The easiest way to submit a ticket to us is to use the menu "Help > Contact Softron Support" (or for OnTheAir Node, the System Preferences "Contact Support..." button). To make the submission of support tickets as easy as possible, since April 24, 2013 all new releases of Softron applications have a menu to check the Knowledge Base and to submit or update tickets directly from the application. If you have the menu available, you can just follow the steps on screen. If you need some explanations, a stepg by step is explained here:


Manually gather all logs and submit ticket.

If you have an application released before April 24, 2013, the "Contact Softron Support" menu is then not available for you. Make sure to download the latest version of the application, and if it is still not available or you can not upgrade, then you will need to follow the steps explained in this article:

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