ISSUE: Can not control some Output in OnTheAir Switch

If you notice that even if you are connected to the Video router,  some Output are unresponsive. Check if  you go on the router to switch these Outputs manually, are you able to control them afterwards?

Then it may be that you have reset the Router and that some entries have no status, no input is adssigned to it. If you use Zterm and do a Read it would look like that:

 Level 00:
 00001,00005; 00002,00010; 00003,00012; 00004,-----; 00005,-----; 00006,-----;
 00007,-----; 00008,-----;

You can see that Output 00004 to 00008 have a ---- status.  With this status, OntheAir Switch can not control these Output.

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