Browser Compatibility List with MovieStreamer HLS streams

MovieStreamer HLS uses the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) format. HLS is the only supported format on iOS devices so you must support it for your streaming services if you intend on streaming to those devices. However, it is not compatible with all browsers.

Version 6 of the JW Player (in its Premium and Ads versions) adds compatibility of HTTP Live Streaming for most browsers. JW Player is a player that you install on your server and it will rewrap the HLS streams into a flash compatible format. No conversion is needed nor is installation on the client side required. Check the compatibility list below.


Directly from MovieStreamer HLS

With JW Player (Premium and Ads)

Chrome No Yes
Firefox No Yes
Internet Explorer No Yes
Opera No Yes
Safari Yes (5.0 and later) Yes
Android Yes (4.0 and later) No
iOS Yes (3.0 and later) Yes
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