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HOW TO: Activate a serial number

Softron Support
posted this on July 1, 2010, 09:43

1. Important note about activations - read carefully

First note that an activation is linked to one computer, one hard drive and one system. Your Application cannot be subsequently activated and will run in DEMO mode if:

  • you move your disk from one computer to another or
  • you reformat your drive and reinstall it.
  • you upgrade you system OS.

Unless it is deactivated first. Before changing your configuration, it is best to deactivate your software from the system you have it installed on. You should activate it again when you are finished updating your system.. 


2. Open the license window

Note that the examples given here are used with MovieRecorder but are valid for all Softron applications using serial numbers.


2.1. If it's the first time you run your Softron application on this Mac

You will be prompted firs to accept the license agreement,


Then to enter your admin password


And then only will come this window:


Click on "Register..." and the license window will open.



2.2. If you already started your Softron application on this Mac earlier

And have clicked on "DEMO" on the welcome page, or want to add an upgrade/option add-on  serial number, you will have to select the menu MovieRecorder > License




3. Enter your serial number(s)

Once the license window is opened, click on "Add Serial number" and enter your serial number.


If it still shows émissing or invalid serial number, here are some possible causes:

  • You are using an invalid Serial Number
  • You are using a serial number from another application
  • You are using a temporary serial number that is not valid anymore
  • The Serial Number is probably not entered correctly. There are typical mistakes, for example:
    • typing a zero instead of an “O”,
    • typing a capital “i” instead of a non capital “L”,
    • leaving empty space at the beginning or at the end.

 If you have multiple serial number (for example with Option add-ons or upgrades), add them all before activating.



4. Activate via internet

 Activating via internet is the easiest way, but it may not be available. If the button remains greyed out, check the possible causes in this article.

To activate via internet, just click on the "Activate via internet..." button and you should get the following confirmation:


You can now use your application and once again remember to deactivate if you want to use the serial on another computer, or do a major system upgrade, or change hard drive...

If you have a message that the activation failed, click here to check the possible causes in this article.



5. Activate manually

Follow the procedure below If the button "Activate via internet..." is greyed out, click here to check the possible causes in this article.


  • Click on the "Activate manually..." button.
  • Copy/paste the serial number and activation codes to a text file
  • Copy this text file to a USB key
  • Go to a computer that is connected to the internet
  • Go to the manual activation page:
  • Enter the Serial number and Activation Challenge,
  • Click on Activate...
  • You will receive an Activation Code in return.
  • Go back to the computer on which you want to activate the license
  • Enter this Activation code in the appropriate field.
  • Once you have the confirmation of activation there, that's it.
If the manual activation fails, click here to check this article.


All this information and more details are available in the document "Application Licensing Explained".